HOA & MUD Overview

HOA Overview
There are two governing bodies in the Stone Gate communities. Remington MUD No.1 and the Stone Gate Owners Association (HOA). 
Stone Gate Owners Association (HOA)
The Stone Gate HOA is a nonprofit corporation created for the purpose of maintaining the aesthetics of the neighborhood and thus property values. Any person becoming an Owner of a Lot automatically becomes a member of the Association as membership is not optional. Transfer of property ownership is contingent upon acceptance of HOA membership and acceptance of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). A copy of the CC&Rs is listed on the Documents tab.
The Stone Gate HOA Board consists of 5 Directors elected by Resident Members for a term of 3 years. For anyone wishing to serve as a HOA Director, please refer to the association By-laws (Click Here) for eligibility requirements. Meetings are generally held monthly and may occasionally be held in a Town Hall format. Dates and locations are listed on the Meeting Calender tab.
HOA business is overseen by a property management company, Associa - Property Management Group (PMG). Associa manages the amenity center (pool and pool keys), vendors, budgets, dues, deed restrictions, and all service requests. Pursuant to TX HOA Law, Associa maintains a Resident email list for communicating official business and social events. 
Deed restrictions are found in the CC&R documents and cover many items - Architecture Control Committee (ACC), fences, swimming pools, landscaping, signs, exterior improvements, etc. 
MUD Overview
Remington MUD No.1 provides water, sewage, drainage, and trash services within the MUD boundaries. Remington MUD No.1 is the only MUD within Stone Gate HOA. MUD Board meetings are open to the public and meeting times are posted on the MUD's website. Click here for MUD meeting times and location. 
The MUD District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by Order of the Texas Water Commission, predecessor of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the “TCEQ” or the “Commission”), on October 8, 1986. The District contains approximately 1,842.716 acres of land. The District is located entirely within Harris County, Texas, and entirely within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston, Texas. 
Remington MUD No.1 contracts with Inframark to provide Water & Infrastructure Services to the residents of Stone Gate HOA.Resident's should contact Remington MUD No.1 or Inframark regarding the following services:
  • Water Service
  • Trash Service - WCA Waste Corp
  • Sewer Service
  • Detention Ponds & Drainage Easements
    • NOTE: SG HOA has a shared use agreement for the land surrounding many of the detention ponds within the borders of SG HOA properties. The HOA maintains the aesthetic quality of these areas by keeping the areas mowed, landscaped, water fountains functioning, etc. This agreement allows residents of the HOA to enjoy these pond areas. Matters regarding the physical drainage systems or erosion control around the detention ponds or easements should be directed to Remington MUD No.1.  
2002 W Grand Pkwy N #100, Katy, Texas 77449
Customer Service: (281) 579-4500, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Emergencies / After-Hours Service: (281) 398-8211, 24/7
Email: MUDCustomerService@Inframark.com
19430 FM 1093 Rd
Richmond, Texas 77407
Telephone: 281-313-2378
FAX: 281-313-2379
Effective 11/22/2021, Best Trash is our new trash and recycling collection provider. Please see the announcement on Remington MUD's website, https://www.remingtonmud1.org. 
Please visit the website below to learn more about recycling and collection days.
Residential Waste Collection Guidelines