Prospective Buyers

This portion of the Stone Gate Owners Association website identifies the forms and documents that are important for Real Estate agents (realtors) as they assist clients in purchasing and selling homes in Stone Gate, Canyon Lakes at Stone Gate, and Canyon Lakes Village. As a deeded community, all homes must request and obtain a Resale Certificate prior to closing. Please allocate sufficient time for processing to eliminate expedite fees. 
Prospective Homeowners should review the Declaration of Protective Covenants and By-Laws for the Stone Gate Owners Association (Click here to access CC&Rs) and/or complete the following items prior to purchasing a home in Stone Gate. 
Certain forms/actions are required and some items are optional but recommended. 
  • Request for Resale Certificate - Mandatory 
  • Certificate of Compliance Resale - Homeowner to Homeowner
  • Notice of Tenant Residency Form - Mandatory, if renting
  • Association Fees for S-G Owners Association, Inc. and if applicable additional Gated Neighborhood fees. 
  • Architectural Approval Procedure
  • Certificate of Compliance Checklist
  • Modification and Improvement Application
  • Residential Design Guidelines and Amendments
  • Supplemental Architectural Modification Guidelines (Harris County)
Deed Restrictions:
Stone Gate is governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA).  This means that there is a set of Documents that lets residents know what they can and cannot do on their property.  Some of the most common mistakes that homeowners make are:
  • Parking in the street (Click Here to see a copy of the SG HOA Parking Policy)
  • Parking commercial vehicles inside the community
  • Forgetting to cut your grass on a regular basis
  • Not pulling weeds in your flower beds
  • Not submitting an Architectural Control Application before you make a modifications to the exterior of your home
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