Renter's Guide

HOA Insights
Have you ever rented in an HOA community? They may not appear from the outside to be much different than any other community, but there are definitely some considerations. We want all tenant residents to be prepared with the necessary information to make your time in Stone Gate as pleasant as possible.
What is an HOA?
In neighborhoods where there is a clubhouse, pool, or green common space, you are likely to find an HOA. Homeowners Associations are legal entities that carry out the maintenance of these shared areas. Due to this, these types of properties are more likely to be better maintained. HOAs provide rules and guidelines for homeowners in the neighborhood in which the rental property resides. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, also referred to as CC&Rs, outlines what activities can take place within the common areas. These are worth checking out before you decide to move into this type of rental home. These documents can be found on this website >>> Click Here.
Tenant Rights in an HOA
Since some of the fees associated with living within a HOA community goes towards maintaining the common areas, renters have the right to use them in accordance with the CC&Rs. Tenants should contact their property owners (legal representative or leasing agency) regarding all requests for gate and amenity access. Stone Gate HOA and property management (located at the SG Clubhouse) will only accept these requests from the property owner. HOA property management is unable to issue amenity access cards or gate codes to tenants without the expressed written permission of the property owner(s). 
Stone Gate HOA rules are updated over time; your property owner is responsible for keeping you up to date when changes happen. Stone Gate Owner's Association, Inc is an agreement between the Property Owner and the Association; as such, the Association may not be able to discuss some matters with the tenant(s); in those matters the Association and Property Management company will refer the tenant to their respective Property Owner(s). 
Leases and Screening
While you may be quite familiar with the information that is included in a lease, renting in an HOA may be different. Leases for properties in HOA communities include rules and regulations. Property owners are ultimately responsible for providing the CC&Rs and HOA rules to tenants.